HighKey is looking for High Ticket Closers with a marketing or PR background and targets of making $10K per month.

HighKey Enterprises is a public relations firm, and we work majority with industry leaders to level up their brands with custom press and social media packages.
One of the biggest parts of our company that sets us apart from anyone else in the industry, is the amount that we invest in our own brands. Over the past 7 years, HighKey has spent millions on our own brand with social media, PR, and Celebrity initiatives. You can see for yourself here:

This position will consist of taking approximately 6-hour-long video calls per day and selling high ticket packages ranging from $5K - $20K per month.

The responsibilities of this job include:

  • Maintain a minimum of a 65% show rate of calls booked on your calendar.
  • Close 2 packages per week.
  • Attend 3 Closer Meetings with the entire team each week.
  • Review 3 Closer Call recordings + Give Feedback each week.

Compensation Structure:

  • 10% commission
  • Projected earnings for the initial 3 months is $4K per month
  • Projected earnings after the initial three months are $8K+ per month

Key Qualifications Include:

  • Minimum 3 years of sales experience with in-person or video call sales.
  • Minimum 3 years of high ticket sales experience (selling a $5K+ offer)
  • Ideally experience in the marketing or Public Relations Industry
  • Fluent English

Desirable Personal Attributes:

  • Competitive Greatness
  • Adaptability
  • Conscientiousness